I’m a photographer, writer and a completely flawed human. I write short stories/poems, I talk about my journey through the mental health system and whatever else flows from my mind to WordPress.

My Latest Posts

  • Fools Road
    They say there’s an old, haunted farmhouse at the end of the road. Should we go? They say there are horse remains and jarred human brains.It wasn’t a just a farm house but a facade for something strange. Inhumane. My friends didn’t seem to understand and I didn’t want to explain.I just wanted to see,Continue reading “Fools Road”
  • One Thousand Lessons
    A short climb to see one thousand suns. A dusty road, large stones, big enough to roll an ankle on. Small foot-paths veer off the main way.A side path here, a side path there. A lot of distractions along the way one might say. Well I was told to stay on course. No looking sideContinue reading “One Thousand Lessons”
  • Water Watching
    Water watched never boils. So I look for something else to focus on. There’s a jagged-edged, like a nonagon shape, bubble that has been rattling around the walls within my stomach. It is empty and I am hungry. I get a drink and circle the kitchen a few times and check on the pan ofContinue reading “Water Watching”
  • Eternal Simulation
    I’m waiting. How long? For what or who am I waiting on? Where do I wait? Why am I waiting? For the end? But there hasn’t been a climax…so I must be waiting for that then I suppose.The climax.The climb.From stagnation to…to what? It has always been the same routine, the same sun rises andContinue reading “Eternal Simulation”
  • Mind. Inside.
    I can only see part of the room I’m in.The darkness nearly consumes everything but a small space around me that it cannot seem to overcome. But the light doesn’t get very far either. This source of illumination I cannot see or find. Is it above me? Around me? Coming from my own core?I justContinue reading “Mind. Inside.”
  • Ghost Land
    Is there any point? I don’t connect to anyone. I want to write but there is no one there to write to. I speak and no ear hears the sounds. I’m a ghost in a ghostly land.     Maybe we’re all ghosts, unable to see eachother unless we’re able to absorb so much energy thatContinue reading “Ghost Land”
  • 4 Rules to Live By
    Some of my not-so- great memories are just stuck in my head, they love to surface now and then… and quite often. These memories usually make me feel guilty, shameful, and confused all over again and its tough to shake the very real discomfort these episodes bring. So after listening to a number of self-help,Continue reading “4 Rules to Live By”
  • Will I Wake Up?
    Do you think I’ll wake up?If I do… maybe things will be different.Maybe I chased my dreams and the sun shines a little brighter now.Maybe… I’ll wake up to a perfect fall breeze, smelling crisp leaves from the trees outside and pumpkin spices coming from nearby cafés.I’ll have the perfect balcony I can stand outContinue reading “Will I Wake Up?”
    SAVE ME says the child’s eyes. A look thats been given since the dawn of man. I respond with my own that say ‘Save me and I’ll save you. I’ve been SOS since my first day here too.’ We’ve all been assigned to loveless ones and have been given damaged fools to raise us… We’veContinue reading “SAVE ME”
  • Power of Silence 4/4
    “Silence is a source of great strength.”                        -Lau Tzu For the majority of our day we hear the humming of our work computers, office fans, fax machines, registers, phones ringing, busy streets, people talking all around us, music, and on and on. We have a steady flow of information All. Day. Long. Noise just assaultingContinue reading “Power of Silence 4/4”